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We think you should know what fee to expect before going in. Our fee is based on the forms and supporting schedules needed in your return. For most individual income tax returns we prepare the fee is $175 to $350 including federal, state, and local returns. 

Fees depend on the complexity of your return. Most clients have two or three supporting schedules, such as itemized deductions, 1099/self employment income, rental properties, investment transactions, or education related deductions and other credits.

For example, a married couple or individual with only W-2 income, kids, with a city tax return, usually $175. A married couple or individual owning a home, itemizing deductions, and a city tax return, usually $225. A married couple or individual, with itemized deductions, and self employed (1099 Misc) income, usually $275. An individual or married couple, itemized deductions, owning a rental property, usually $250. An individual or married couple, with itemized deductions and some investment income, $250.

For business returns, prices depend on the complexity of the business and how well organized the books are. Please contact me for an estimate.

Not sure how much yours would be? Call me. 614-729-8040. There is no charge for an estimate. All returns I prepare include fee e-filing and direct deposit of refunds.

If you know what forms you need, below is my fee schedule per form:

1040/1040-SR - $79

State tax returns - $29 each

City/Local returns - $29 each

Child Tax Credit & Dependent Care Credit - Free (I have kids too. Parents need every break they can get.)

Education Credits - $19

Student loan interest deduction - normally free.

Sch A (Itemized Deductions) - $45

Sch B (Interest and Dividends) - First three interest or dividend entries are free. Thereafter based on time at $25 per 15 minutes.

Sch D (Capital Gain or Loss) - $15 for first five entries. Thereafter based on time at $25 per 15 minutes.

1040X Amended Returns - The fee is based on the amount of time required with a $75 minimum fee.

Business Forms

Sch C EZ (for a "contract employee" or self-employed individual without many expenses) - $25 starting price.

Sch C (for businesses with more expenses, assets, or more complex self-employment income) - $50 starting price. See bookkeeping fee below if documents/receipts aren't organized.

Sch E (Rental Property) - $45 each property

Form 1065 Partnerships. Call me. It depends on the number of transactions and the nature of the business.

Form 1120 Corporations. Call me. It depends on the number of transactions and the nature of the business.

Bookkeeping fee for adding up receipts or calculating business expenses - $25 per fifteen minutes.

Forms and supporting schedules not listed here will be based on time needed to complete the form at $25 per fifteen minutes.

For more information, or for a quote, call me! 614-729-8040.