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Price is what you pay, value is what you get. We believe we provide excellent value to our clients. Our tax preparation service is a package and includes preparation of the federal, state, and local returns, our Audit Protection and Client Service Plan for year-round support, e-filing and direct deposit for refunds.

The fee to have your taxes prepared depends on the complexity of your tax returns. We have simplified our fee structure for individual income tax returns and have created fee levels based on complexity:

Basic return: $195

The basic return category includes tax returns with just one or two W2's, no supporting schedules, and no city return needed.

Relatively simple: $245

Includes W2 income and one or two simple schedules with a small number of deductions or credits.

A little complicated: $345

This category can include two or three schedules like itemized deductions, investment forms, simple business or rental property income, education credits, health savings accounts, or multiple state or city returns.

Complicated returns: $445

Can include multiple schedules or complicated schedules such as business income with supporting schedules and numerous expenses, extensive investment forms reporting many stock sales, dividend and interest income, two or three rental properties, multiple state or city returns.

More complex returns: Contact us to inquire about fees

This category can include especially complicated returns with many schedules and supporting forms, or can include unique tax situations not listed above. Can include returns with extensive or multiple business schedules, several rental properties, or tax returns with many state or city returns that need to be filed, or tax returns that require research.

1040X Amended Returns - The fee is based on the amount of time required for your amended return with a $75 minimum fee. The average cost of an amended return is $150 to $300. Amended returns do not include the Audit Protection and Client Service Plan.

Ultimately, all fees are based on the amount of time needed to handle your taxes.

For more information, or for a quote, call us! 614-729-8040.

Business Returns

For business returns such as partnerships, S-corporations, C-corporations, non-profit organizations, prices depend on the complexity of the business and how well organized the books are. Factors affecting the fee include the number of transactions in the business, the assets for depreciation, the number of partners or owners, how well organized the records are, the nature of the business, and the time it takes to handle the tax compliance needs of the business. Please contact us for an estimate.

Bookkeeping fee for adding up receipts or calculating business expenses - $25 per fifteen minutes.

Estate and Trust Returns

Like business returns, the fee depends on the complexity, how well organized the records are, and ultimately the amount of time needed to complete the tax returns. Please contact us for an estimate.

Not sure how much yours would be? Call us. 614-729-8040. There is no charge for an estimate. All returns we prepare include free e-filing and direct deposit of refunds.